Ordering products

order GNLD products easily and securely online, collect products yourself and save delivery fee, or join GNLD and get discount prices

(many thanks to Mattox for the truck, bluegum for the parcel, and wfl for the car, at www.sxc.hu free stock photos)

Latest GNLD prices…

To see the latest prices of all the GNLD products available in South Africa, please go to our registered GNLD Distributor website and browse the product listings.

If you want to place an order, you can do so with confidence. The website is controlled by GNLD, and all orders, payments, and deliveries are handled directly by GNLD, so it is a safe, secure, and convenient way of getting the products you want delivered to your door.


If you’re a registered GNLD Distributor in South Africa, you can order products easily and safely online at our official GNLD Distributor website, as well.

Don’t worry! When you log in, you log in to GNLD…not to us.

Once logged in, you’ll be able to see the special Distributor discount prices. And while there, you can securely place an order. Any orders you place online will be credited to your own personal GNLD ID number…not ours…so please make sure you’re properly logged in.

If you haven’t logged in to the Distributor-only section of GNLD before, here’s how to do it.


There are two options for you to get your GNLD products…

1. join our group and get discount prices

Healthy Business, independent GNLD family health group of distributors

Joining GNLD enables you to get your own membership number from GNLD. The number allows you to order whatever you want, whenever you want, direct from GNLD. You pay the same discounted prices all other GNLD Distributors pay.

Many people join to save money on their own household expenses… by paying wholesale prices for many of the things they’re paying full retail prices for now.

Others see the possibility of not only saving on their own purchases, but also making extra  money… buy at wholesale… sell at retail… keep the difference.

Whether you just want to do your own thing…start a business…or both…the application form is the same.

If you’re in South Africa, you can join easily and safely online, at our official GNLD Distributor website, and these are the joining options for you.

Or if you’re in the USA, Canada, Singapore, or the Caribbean Islands, join online at gnld.com. Please use our GNLD ID number when asked…26-5004186.

2. order online…easily and securely

have your products delivered to your door by GNLD's courier services

If you don’t have the time to fiddle about with collection, this option will suit you.

Our official GNLD Distributor website has a shopping basket and secure online payment facility controlled by…and connected directly to…GNLD.

All orders, payments, and deliveries are handled by GNLD, not by us.

Simply choose the products you want, pay GNLD for them safely and securely online, and GNLD will deliver them to your door.

Click here >>> our official GNLD Distributor website

any questions?

Hope everything is clear for you. If you need any further help, please email us. Here are our contact details…

David and Heide Body

GNLD ID number: 26-5004186

mobile (on roaming at the moment: sorry, no calls possible, but sms works well): +27 83 534 1458

email: drbody [at] healthybusiness [dot] co [dot] za