Become a Professional Inviter

master the 6 steps for successfully inviting prospects to look at your mlm business...

After a hugely successful career in multi-level-marketing, Tim Sales retired, a millionaire. He certainly knows how to invite people to look at an mlm business!

Tim’s inviting expertise is available as a coaching programme he’s called Professional Inviter. It’s available as an online version, a CD set, or both online and CD.

Professional Inviter coaches you to master the 6 steps necessary for inviting success:

  • Step #1: Greeting
  • Step #2: Qualifying
  • Step #3: Inviting
  • Step #4: Handling Questions and Objections
  • Step #5: Closing
  • Step #6: Following Up

As Tim Sales says:

…this training is like no other you’ve ever received.

As you listen to your Professional Inviter™ package you’ll see that I’m not just going to coach you on how to overcome every common objection that can come up in prospecting conversations – One better: I’m going to expertly coach you to prevent objections from arising at all

Ever been stuck for what to say to a prospect to get him or her to look at your opportunity?

Not sure how to deal effectively with the questions you get?

Want to learn how to successfully sponsor people into your team, and teach them how to sponsor?

Check out Tim Sales superb Professional Inviter coaching package

Tim Sales Professional Inviter very effective coaching package at