70 Inviting Scripts and Power Phrases

70 Scripts and Power Phrases show you exactly what to say in any network marketing inviting scenario...

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Hi David,

Do you ever get those days where it seems you just can’t get your words to work right? Every time you talk about your business or product or even just say “hi”, it’s all coming out wrong?

Or worse yet: Your prospect, instead of reaching out to you and wanting to know more, starts taking the upper hand and the next thing you know you feel like you just got tossed in the trash can!

  • Do you know what to do when that happens? 
  • Do you know what you can use to prevent that from happening? 
  • Does it ever make you feel like you should just give up? (well don’t!)

We have the solution with this one ebook!

Packed full of 70 power phrases and actual scripts that you can use to Invite

For only $7.00

I think I’d spend $7.00 just to learn how to prevent people from hanging up on me. But you can spend $7.00 to get the upper hand on inviting and stop people from hanging up or walking away!

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Tim Sales Inviting Scripts


There are 70 Scripts and Power Phrases that show you exactly what to say, word-for-word, in any and all inviting scenarios:

  • How to deal with rude people: never lose a prospect due to anger!
  • How to leave voice mail messages that get THEM to call YOU!
  • How to flip the script on prospects who have tried MLM and didn’t like it!
  • Lunches, dinners, formal group presentations, hotel meetings: here’s how to handle them all.

Inviting is the core skill needed to succeed in network marketing. Everything else happens after the successful invitation! If you want to take your inviting skills up several notches, get this ebook and start using the scripts and power phrases.

Click here and buy it now for only $7 instead of the usual price of $11.97