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David & Heide...owners of Healthy BusinessLet’s introduce ourselves…

Our names are David and Heide Body. I’m a retired dentist, and Heide a retired office administrator. We’re ‘second-timers’, both having been married before. We learned from the mistakes we made in our first marriages, and are enjoying life together very much.

Between us we’ve got two married sons in Germany, a married daughter in England, and the youngest son in Australia is engaged.

Two lovely grandaughters, and three handsome grandsons complete the family line-up at the moment.

Heide and I love being outdoors. In the garden we feel in touch with our Maker, and delight in the marvels of all the life-forms around us. Travelling’s a passion, too. We’ve enjoyed several overseas trips together, and look forward to exploring many more corners of this great big wonderful world.

We’re blessed with not having a television, so in the evenings Heide reads biographies, classical, or historical books. And often reads online to keep up-to-date with German magazines like ‘Stern’ and ‘Focus’.

I’ve usually got my nose in a book or website about nutrition, or the latest trends in network marketing and social media. And I’m enjoying building this WordPress website into a place where members of our group can find the info and guidance they need to develop their own GNLD business.

For us, GNLD started when we were nearing our retirement age. We knew we wouldn’t want to just rust in peace at the seaside when we retired, watching the sun go from east to west. We were looking for something to keep our minds active…at the same time continuing to make a worthwhile contribution to society…and we’re very thankful our friends…Vic and Debbie Williams…introduced us to GNLD.

And another thought we had is we didn’t want to downsize, spending the rest of our lives dreaming up ways to tighten our belts…that wouldn’t be any fun at all! Unfortunately though, the figures in the pension brochures that looked really huge when we started them, didn’t seem so wonderful 40 years later! We knew we had to do something to increase our retirement income…if only to keep pace with the increasing costs of living.

Deciding to start our GNLD home business is one of the best decisions we’ve made…in fact, we wish we’d done it a lot sooner! We choose the hours we work…with whom we work…and when we go on holiday. We’re also working together, which gives us a really great sense of combined achievement.

We’re enjoying developing a valuable, worthwhile asset. And unlike my former dental practice or Heide’s job, our GNLD business is willable, so we can leave it to our children and grandchildren one day, and that’s a very satisfying thought, too.

If you’re needing another string to your bow…or are retired and looking for something worthwhile to supplement your pension…stay awhile and have a look around…your own GNLD home business could be just right for you.