Success videos

Why are some people very successful?

Ever wonder what makes successful people, successful? What did they do to get to the top? Are they exceptionally clever? Are they very street-wise? Were they simply lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time?

8 Secrets of Success

Analyst Richard St. John interviewed over 500 successful people, and asked them what made them successful. It took him 7 years to gather a wealth of information.

Then he condensed it all into an unforgettable 3-minute video slideshow called “8 Secrets of Success”, which he delivered to a very appreciative audience at a meeting of TED Talks.

This is a really powerful short video. I’ve used the free programme Super C video converter to turn it into 3GP format, so I could store it on my cellphone and watch it whenever I feel I’m losing focus. It will also play in Apple’s Quick Time Player.

Please feel free to download it, store it on your cellphone, and view it whenever you’re getting nowhere fast… download (zip file 2.55MB).

Enjoy…and be inspired by…Richard St.John’s powerful 3-minute video, “The 8 secrets of success”.

Afterwards, scroll down and watch his second short video, in which he illustrates a valuable business lesson.

In the second video, Richard St.John reminds us the way to the top is not a single trip…it’s a constant journey. He uses the story of his own business rise and fall to illustrate a very important fact… when we stop trying, we fail.