GNLD Centres

addresses and telephone numbers of GNLD's network of Service Centres and delivery hubs

addresses and telephone numbers of GNLD’s network of Service Centres and delivery hubs

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GNLD (Golden NeoLife) Service Centres

At the GNLD Service Centres, Distributors can order, collect, and arrange delivery of products, as well as attend demonstrations, talks, and training events.

The Centres are also excellent meeting places to…

  • show your prospects the benefits of joining GNLD
  • introduce new people to the GNLD Service Centre facilities
  • sign new Distributors in your group

Here’s the list of GNLD Regional Service Centres for South Africa, and for all the other countries in the world where GNLD does business.

GNLD (Golden NeoLife) Main Regional Service Centres in South Africa

Johannesburg (includes East London)

2 Ayrshire Boulevard, Longmeadow Business Estate, Longmeadow 1609

tel landline: 011 409 3000

tel tollfree from a landline: 0800 600 790

fax landline: 011 409 3820

WhatsApp: +27 62 707 0455

email orders:

Cape Town (includes Port Elizabeth)

Unit 1, Rainbow Place, corner Racecourse Road & Rainbow Place, Montague Gardens, 7441

tel landline: 021 551 3738

tel tollfree from a landline: 0800 600 789

fax landline: 021 551 3918

WhatsApp: +27 62 898 9460

email orders:

Durban (includes Richards Bay)

Standard Bank Centre, 30 Church Road, Westville

tel landline: 031 266 4723

tel tollfree from a landline: 0800 600 789 (same number as Cape Town… automatically connected to the DSC nearest you)

fax landline: 031 266 4731

WhatsApp: +27 62 859 4032

email orders:

GNLD collection hubs

So that products are readily available, GNLD works with courier services, forming a network throughout South Africa.

The smaller offices have a collection facility only, while some have fax facilities for Distributors to send orders to their nearest GNLD main Service Centre. Please check by phone if there is a fax facility available, before you go along to the office.

GNLD makes no transport charge for taking products to any of these offices, for you to collect. There’s only a delivery charge if you request your products to be delivered to your home or place of work.

The details of these smaller hubs and delivery offices may change from time to time, so please contact the regional GNLD Service Centre nearest you to check the address and telephone number of a hub near you.