Blogging For Sales

Blogging is a good way to get customers and product sales

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Blogging For Sales

One of the ways to earn money with your GNLD business, is to find customers and sell them products. In addition to profit, you’ll also earn PV of course, which can produce an increasing sales volume bonus.

Blogging is a good way to get customers and sales, because it enables you to use a successful concept called attraction marketing.

Attraction Marketing

The number 1 reason people search the internet is to find information, often to solve a challenge they have. We can use this fact to attract visitors to our blog and maybe turn them into customers.

Instead of saying: “Hey! Look at this fantastic product!“, write a short article about a particular problem you know the product can solve. Remember, people are looking for helpful information.

As an example, let’s take a person with sore joints in their hands, searching Google for something that will help them. Millions of people suffer from arthritis, so it’s a popular search topic.

Write a short article about arthritis. You don’t have to be an expert. Get outline information by visiting websites and reading their freely-available info, making a list of recommendations as you go along.

Then write a short precis of your notes, in your own words (to avoid plagiarism).

At the end of your short article (usually called a post, if it’s written on a blog), write about the benefits of nutritional supplements. Insert a link to the posts you previously wrote about Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus, and Full Motion, on your separate GNLD product blog.

There is a chance the reader will click on the link to the products, and if they buy, you’ll enjoy the profit and collect PV.

In a similar way, write posts about different topics, each of which offers a specific product in GNLD’s product ranges as the solution.

Write about the health benefits of losing weight, and give the link to your articles on the GR2 Weight Control products.

Passionate about the home environment? Write articles about the importance of the home environment and refer the reader to your Home Care products.

You get the idea. Write about subjects people are concerned about, and offer solutions. In that way you are being helpful, not a pushy salesperson.

Regular articles

At least once a week write about a different topic, and put a link to a different GNLD product. You will attract steady streams of visitors to your blog, each stream looking for different information.

Using my example, the person with arthritic hands may be a golfer. He lands at your blog post about arthritis of the hands. Follows the link to your products, browses through them, finds the info you wrote about Super 10 and Wash ‘n Wax, which he can use to clean his golf clubs and golf cart, and there you have another two sales.

More than one blog

The experts in attraction marketing usually have a different blog for each article. These are often called landing pages. For example, one blog about arthritis. Another about osteoporosis. Another about toxic chemicals in the home. And so on.

In this way, each blog appears to be an info page, rather than a blog selling a bunch of products.

With a free blog platform, like or, it’s easy to start a new blog for each topic you’re writing about, with each one linking back to a product on your GNLD product website.

If you don’t have a website capable of accepting orders and payments (for example, in South Africa, a GNLD Distributor Website) you can still attract potential customers with your info posts.

Create a separate blog for GNLD products, and make the links in your info articles go to products on your product blog, where you have your contact details.


Spammers use robots to collect email addresses and contact details, so be very careful what you make public. Write your email so it doesn’t automatically become a link, like this: gnlddistributor at gmail dot com. A human can read it, but a spammer’s robot can’t.


The heading of your articles, and the words in your articles, need to include words people type when they are searching. It increases the chances of the search engines finding your article and offering it to the person doing the searching.

This is in the realms of search engine optimisation (seo, for short) and it’s a rather complicated subject.

There’s one simple thing you can do to start with, though: make sure the option to use a prediction service to help complete searches has been turned on in your browser settings.

In Google Chrome it’s the second option in the list at the privacy section in advanced settings. If you are not using Chrome, have a look through the settings of your particular browser and I’m sure you’ll find a similar option.

Then when you start typing arthritis natural treatments in the search box, a drop-down menu appears, offering a variety of suggestions: arthritis natural remedies, arthritis natural remedies for dogs, arthritis natural remedy hands, and so on. These are the terms people are typing into Google, so use them in your articles.

Obviously, there’s a whole lot more to blogging for sales, which you’ll learn as you go along.

The first thing is to get started, so jot down a few topics and dive in.