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Information provided

The information written on this blog, and our associated website, has been written in good faith with the intention of providing helpful and useful information.

It is not intended to be, and should not be taken to be, prescriptive, or a substitute for advice and/or treatment from a registered medical practitioner.

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for real, whole food.

However, we believe they help fill nutritional gaps in modern mass-produced and processed food choices, and in the long term can thereby positively influence and benefit health.

Before making changes, or embarking on a supplement programme, it is always best to consult with your health care provider first. This is particularly important if you are taking any kind of medication, are pregnant, or are suffering from a health challenge of any kind.

GNLD information

The information about GNLD products and the GNLD home business are based on our personal experiences, GNLD’s published literature, and GNLD’s various websites.

We are independent, registered Distributors, not agents or employees of GNLD, and as such, everything we publish is independent of GNLD, and has not been read or specifically approved by GNLD.

Photos and graphics

We enjoy using and benefiting from GNLD products, so the photos of GNLD products I have taken myself, at our home.

The GNLD logo is from the GNLD website,

Other graphics are free stock images from the excellent resource, stock.xchng, at

The photos, logos, and graphics I’ve resized to save bandwidth (very important in South Africa!) and to speed loading time, using the superb free programme IrfanView, downloadable from

There are also some GNLD videos, DVD’s, and mp3′s, which would normally be much too large for me to upload and visitors to download. These, I’ve reduced and reformatted so they can be played on most cellphones (3GP format), using an excellent free programme called Super video converter.

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I’m having fun constructing the blog using the fantastic WordPress platform downloaded free from

The website is hosted very efficiently by Hosting Team. Here’s their contact

If you don’t have a hosted website, you can sign up for your own free blog at That’s what we did at first. We still add stuff to it… have a look around

This blog theme is a superb free version of the Arras theme, downloadable from

SEO tips

I’m using a free plug-in from Jeff Johnson, called Traffic Getting SEO. You can get it for your WordPress blog, at his Underground Training Lab website.


I’m a member of the affiliate programme of Amazon, Magnetic Sponsoring, and First Class MLM Tools.

That means, if you buy a book I’ve read and recommended, using my Amazon affiliate link, I will earn a small commission.

Likewise, if you buy something from Magnetic Sponsoring, or First Class MLM Tools, I earn a small commission for the introduction and recommendation.

We’re registered GNLD Distributors in South Africa. If you buy a product from our official GNLD-controlled Distributor website, we make the recommended-by-GNLD profit on each item.

GNLD registration also enables us to promote the GNLD business opportunity, to build a team of like-minded independent business people.

I’m also a registered member of Secure Future International, a free-to-start, online-only, home business.

Joining one or both of our business teams is like getting a key to a door. If you open the door and do nothing, both of us make nothing. If you open the door and do much more than we do, you’ll make much more than we do.

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If you have any questions about this legal section, please send me an email:  drbody at healthybusiness  dot co dot za