GNLD Care disinfectant

GNLD Care disinfectant

GNLD Care disinfectant

GNLD Care is a very effective, safe, and refreshingly fragrant disinfectant for use around the home, as well as in clinics and in hospitals.

It’s very economical, too. One litre of GNLD Care concentrate diluted with tap water will make a whopping 51 litres of disinfectant for your home, or 11 litres for hospital and clinic use.


GNLD Care disinfectant is strong enough to pass the SABS 636 standard. To do that, a disinfectant must be able to kill a wide variety of bacteria, within a given time.

It’s not necessary to test every bacterium, of course. Certain bacteria are selected for testing, which represent different bacterial groups, and if the chosen bacterium is killed, every other bacterium of a similar type will be killed, too.

GNLD Care ingredients and usage label

GNLD Care disinfectant usage, precautions, and ingredients label

As you can see from the label, there are three bacterial groups tested for the SABS 636 standard.

Within 5 minutes of contact, at a dilution of 1 part Care to 50 parts water, GNLD Care kills 99,9% of…

  • gram-positive bacteria represented by Staphylococcus aureus (found in boils and skin wounds), which can cause various infections ranging from minor skin infections to serious pneumonia
  • gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria represented by Escherichia coli (found in faeces), which can cause infections of the intestines and the urinary tract
  • at a dilution of 1:10, bacteria in the gram-negative group represented by rod-shaped Pseudomonas aeruginosa (often found on the skin), which can cause infections of the skin, lungs, urinary tract, and kidneys

Using GNLD Care disinfectant regularly, in conjunction with good habits like washing hands thoroughly after going to the loo, and especially before preparing food, will go a long way to ensuring cleanliness, a bacteria-reduced environment, and less chance of picking up or passing on an infection.


  1. If you’ve got septic tank drainage at home, and use GNLD Care at a dilution stronger than the recommended 1:50, be aware you may kill the useful bacteria inside your septic tank. At 1:50 dilution it’s just fine.
  2. Care is being promoted by some people as suitable for internal use. Recently, GNLD HQ in Johannesburg issued a strong warning that was circulated to all Distributors, stating that GNLD Care must not be swallowed, gargled, or used on skin wounds and abrasions, and Distributors are prohibited from making such recommendations.
  3. Because it’s not designed for internal use, avoid contamination of foodstuffs.
  4. Avoid prolonged skin contact, and don’t get it in your eyes.
  5. GNLD Care should be used on its own. If it’s mixed with bleach or detergents, there’s a reaction between the surfactants, and neither works properly.
  6. Painted surfaces, linoleum, asphalt, rubber, and plastic should be rinsed with clean water after 15 minutes, if you’ve used Care on them.

uses at home…

Dilute 1 part Care to 50 parts clean tap water…we find it easiest to use GNLD’s hand sprayer & mixing bottle for that. But be careful not to spray the Care mist into your eyes, or your pet’s eyes.

GNLD's handy mixing spray bottle

Use GNLD Care disinfectant

  • inside the dog’s kennel
  • animal sleeping areas
  • dog’s comb and other grooming utensils
  • inside dustbins
  • drains
  • toilet bowls, seats, and floor surrounds
  • basins
  • showers
  • inside the car, if milk has been spilled (removes the sour milk odour)

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