Urgent petition to label gene-modified foods in South Africa

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Got this disturbing email from our friends at the Planting Season, and in accordance with their wishes…

‘Please also consider sending this to your friends and encouraging them to sign as you did.’

…I’m really happy to help spread the message…

Dear David

All South Africans need to act urgently and immediately to the proposed regulations in the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) governing the labelling of Genetically Modified (GM) food. The regulations are weak and undermine the consumer’s right to know and consumer choice while addressing the needs of big business instead. You can read more about what’s wrong with the legislation at www.labelgmfoods.org.za

An essential element for the labelling of GM Foods is to protect your right to know and make informed choices. Since our supermarket shelves are full of foods that contain GM ingredients it has never been more critical that food labelling is accurate and transparent. The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) and SAFeAGE are intent on protecting your rights. We are demanding certain changes that ensures everyone’s right to know. You can read our demands and the actual petition at www.labelgmfoods.org.za


Please also consider sending this to your friends and encouraging them to sign as you did.

We have until the 31st January 2011 to submit comments before the regulations are finalized. If the regulations are passed in its current form it will deny consumers the right to know what is in your food and hence undermine your freedom of choice. You may also write to the department yourself by sending an email to Mr Ntutuzelo Vananda e-mail at cparegs at thedti.gov.za

Counting on your support.

Mariam, Haidee, Zakiyya, Fahrie


Do you want to know if you’re eating gene-modified foods?

If you do, please whizz over to labelgmfoods and add your name to the petition. Hurry! There’s not much time left. And don’t forget to tell your friends about it, too.