new GNLD Manager & Senior Manager qualifications

New qualifications…

From this month…February 2011…GNLD has introduced new incentives to step up to Manager and Senior Manager levels.


GNLD Manager pin

In any single month, either accumulate 250 points from your own orders placed with your membership number at different times in the month, or place a single order of 250 pv…and you’ll step up to Manager.


After you’ve achieved Manager status, you’re eligible to earn bonus payments from GNLD.

If the points from your orders, added to the points from the orders made by other people in your team, reach 250 in a single month, you’ll earn a 3% bonus.

The bonus is 3% of the accumulated bonus volume associated with the products you and your team members have ordered in a single month.

The bonus volume (BV) for each product is shown in the GNLD distributor price list, and running totals of your own personal points and bonus volume are shown at the foot of each one of your order invoices.


  1. In order for GNLD to add the points and associated bonus volume from your team members to your own monthly totals, you must have ordered at least 100 pv of products yourself in that month, using your own GNLD number.
  2. If another person in your team is using his/her points to step up a level, you can’t use them for your qualification.

Senior Manager…

GNLD Senior Manager pin

Just the same as explained above, except the personal order value in any single month is 500 points, not 250.


Accumulate a minimum of 100 points yourself in any single month, and you’re able to benefit from the points and bonus volumes of other members in your team.

If your GNLD business does 500 points in any single month, and you meet the 100 personal points minimum stipulation yourself, you’ll be eligible for a 5% bonus based on the combined bonus volumes of you and your team.

more bonus levels…

There are many more bonus levels you’ll enjoy, as you develop your team…

  • 3%…250 to 499 team pv
  • 5%…500 to 999 team pv
  • 10%…1000 to 1999 team pv
  • 15%…2000 to 2999 team pv
  • 20%…3000 to 3999 team pv
  • 25%…4000-plus team pv

It’s difficult to achieve a monthly total of 4000 pv on your own…building a team is the key to GNLD  success.

So, introduce people to GNLD…who introduce people to GNLD…who introduce people to GNLD…who introduce people…