How to make your free WordPress website interactive

How to make your free WordPress site interactive…

WP provides a comment box at the end of each post, which visitors can use to communicate with you.

You’ll get notification by email every time a new comment is made.

It’s best to check each comment…you don’t want any rude words or offensive remarks!

And remove any personal details, like telephone number or address, to avoid the risk of your visitor getting unwanted contacts.

Sometimes visitors are “bogus” visitors…they’ve visited your site only to find a place to paste a link to lure your visitors to their own website.

To deal with comments effectively, WP has built in the ability to approve / reply / edit / history / spam / trash any comments made on your website.

how to do it…

Log in to your blog dashboard, and click on the comments button in the left-hand column.

The comments page will open.

Hover your cursor over the comment you want to deal with, and links for the various options will appear: approve / reply / edit / history / spam / trash.

If you want to delete the comment, click the trash link.

If the comment is acceptable to you, click the approve link.

Then click the reply link and write a reply.

Click the blue reply button on the right.

Now visitors to your blog will be able to read the comment…and your reply…and may add a comment of their own.

Your interaction has started :-)