thank your comment writers

A little thanks goes a long way…

A visitor’s comment is a contribution to the content of your blog, so send a thank you email to show your appreciation.

It doesn’t have to be an epistle full of flowery prose…a short note will suffice.

Use the person’s name, and thank him/her for visiting your blog, and for the comment.

I usually paste a copy of the comment into the email, just to jog the memory.

And paste a copy of the reply you made on your blog, into the email, too.

An email is a chance for a bit of free advertising, so at the end of the email, put a link to your blog.

Don’t make it a clickable link, though. I’ve found that some spam filters throw out emails with active links in them.

For example, if you put, or the email programme will automatically recognise it as a web address and make it a clickable link in the same way this WordPress programme has.

Instead, leave off the www. and the http:// and just put the remainder of your blog address, like this:

After you’ve done all this, keep a copy of your email in your drafts folder. It’s easy to alter it to suit the next visitor you thank… and saves you a lot of time.