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Get these free, informative emails from internet marketing expert Perry Marshall, about the 9 lies of sales and marketing

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There are a quite a few phrases entrenched in the tradition of marketing and sales training that, according to Perry Marshall, are lies.

He identifies nine of them in a series of free emails entitled: ‘The Nine Great Lies of Sales & Marketing’.

Want to know what the nine great lies are? I sure did!

Here’s the first lie Perry deals with…’Make more phone calls today than you did yesterday.’

Ever heard that?

Nip over to Perry Marshall’s website, and after a short time, a pop-up will appear, asking if you want to sign up to have the 9 free emails delivered to your inbox.

Don’t worry about entering your email address. Perry Marshall is a very well-known and respected internet marketing expert, who will not abuse your trust.

His nine emails are very informative…and don’t cost a cent.  You can get them here.