GNLD Super 10 multi-purpose cleaner

GNLD Super 10 multi-purpose cleaner effectively tackles a variety of cleaning jobs without harming you, your family, or the environment

GNLD Super 10 advantages

GNLD Super 10 multi-purpose cleaner effectively tackles a variety of cleaning jobs without harming you, your family, or the environment.

GNLD Super 10 does not need any of the frightening warnings on the label often seen on many other cleaning products, like “corrosive”, “caustic”, “avoid inhalation”, “avoid eye contact”, “if ingested seek medical attention immediately”, “flammable”.

GNLD Super 10 multi-purpose cleaner is non-flammable, neither caustic nor corrosive, is phosphate-free, biodegradable, and safe for use around your home.


GNLD’s Super 10 is deliberately made as a concentrate, so what you buy is real product…not water. It’s much cheaper to add your own water at home!

Concentrates require a lot less packaging, which means far fewer bottles being transported around the world, and far less plastic in land-fill sites.

A 1-litre bottle of Super 10 makes a whopping 11 litres of cleaning solution, so when you’ve finished the bottle, you’ve only got 1 bottle to take to the recycling depot.

If you bought the equivalent 11-litre amount in the usual 750ml bottles from the supermarket, you would have sent 14 bottles to your local recycling depot or landfill site!

And as you would expect of GNLD, their plastic bottles…as well as the labels and the inks on them…are all biodegradable.


Super 10 is easily diluted with 10 parts water in the GNLD handy spray bottle. For even more economy, you can use half the amount of Super 10…takes a little longer to do its job, that’s all.

handy sprayer/mixer for GNLD Super 10 multi-purpose cleaner (Pour GNLD Super 10 concentrate to the lowest line only, and fill with tap water)

Although Super 10 can be used to clean anything that can be cleaned with plain water, fabrics and carpets have such varied compositions, it’s best to check for colour-fastness first. And for sensitive fabrics, to dilute Super 10 with distilled water instead of tap water, to avoid possible watermarks.

Super 10 diluted 1:10 or 1:20 with tap water can be used to clean around the home, office, hotel, car…anywhere there’s a cleaning job to be done.

toilets and bathrooms

  • toilets bowls and urinals
  • washbasins and sinks
  • baths and taps
  • shower cubicles (removes soap residues and mould from tile grouting and sliding doors)
  • finger marks from chrome fittings, door handles, and finger plates
  • counter tops
  • ceramic tiles
  • mirrors and windows (to avoid smear, pour a little Super 10 into the spray bottle, swill it round and pour the Super 10 back into its container. Fill the spray bottle with tap water and use at this 1:100+ dilution)

living areas

  • spots on carpets and upholstery. Spray on, and allow to soak in. Then agitate gently with fingertips, and blot off. Do not rub.
  • spots on cloth-covered seats (dilute Super 10 with distilled water for sensitive fabrics)
  • pre-spotting of carpets before shampooing
  • vinyl or imitation-leather seats, chairs, and bar stools
  • chrome chair and stool legs
  • painted wood and painted walls (except surfaces painted with non-washable paint, of course)
  • varnished (sealed) wooden panels
  • black heel marks from floor tiles and lino


  • spray on spots and stains like blood, lipstick, ink, food, and allow to soak in before washing
  • spray on grimy collars and cuffs before washing


  • work-tops and cupboard doors
  • tiled walls
  • chrome fittings and steel sinks
  • remove mould from refrigerators
  • grease from warm ovens, cooker hoods, stoves, grills, (works best diluted 1:3 with tap water in spray bottle, and warm the oven or grill before spraying)

outside uses (best at 1:3 dilution)

  • oil stains from driveways and garage floors
  • grease and oil from car engines, bike chains
  • grease and oil from tools
  • soak to free rusty joints
  • plastic garden furniture
  • barbecue grill and tools

tip for further savings

Order your Super 10 in a 5-litre container and save over 22% of the cost, compared with 5 separate 1-litre bottles.

And it’s also available in 25-litre containers for hotels, garages, and other large establishments, at a bulk saving of over 27% compared with 25 single 1-litre bottles.

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further uses

What do you use your Super 10 for? We’d love to hear in the suggestion box below…