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First Class MLM Tools

Tim Sales has launched his new website, First Class MLM Tools. It’s packed with superb MLM training resources like “Professional Inviter” and “Brilliant Compensation”.

I particularly like the attached blog. It’s a gold-mine of free information for the benefit of everyone developing a network marketing business…regardless of the MLM company you’re promoting.

In case you don’t know, Tim Sales made millions in his network marketing business, and now devotes his time and expertise to teaching others how to do it.

To quote from his newsletter…

You Might Sound Like an Ape if…

 …Our new website is not about finding better ways to sell you things. If you’ve paid attention to me for a while, you know I believe in helping you grow your network marketing business first and foremost. I made it in this business and now I want to help you make it.

So, when we got to work designing the new site I told my team, “It has to help them succeed. It has to engage them in the conversation. It has to have helpful FREE advice and a way for them to respond and tell us what THEY want.”

So that’s what we did.

What Does this Have to Do with Sounding Like an Ape?

Well, we’ve started a blog as a central component of the new website. Every few days, I, or some other expert in the Network Marketing world, will be blogging on an aspect of M.L.M.. One of the first posts is titled “Do You Sound Like an Ape When You Talk to Prospects?” Check it out!

Every post we publish will…

  • Give you my best insights on M.L.M. problems you face every week like prospecting, time management, social media marketing and much more
  • Be 100% free
  • Give you an opportunity to join in on the conversation and let me know if the advice I’m providing is actually helping you…or if I need to do better!

If it doesn’t do all three, I want you to tell me. Leave me a comment. (Follow us on Facebook while you’re there). And I’ll improve and improve until it does. Guaranteed.

And check out these new features while you’re there…

Mission Critical Navigation

We’ve organized the brand NEW website around the four Mission Critical operations of every network marketing business…

How to Find Prospects

How to Get Prospects Interested

How to Present to Prospects

How to Train Your Team

Click any of those boxes and you’ll be taken directly to ALL the tools we offer on that topic. It’s all part of our effort to design FirstClassMLMTools around YOUR needs…

Check out all the free generic tips and how-to-articles written by Tim Sales, and other very successful network marketers, and use them to help you develop your own GNLD business, here.