Two secrets of sales success

To succeed in any business venture, you need a way of finding out who wants what you're offering

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Two secrets of sales success

In any business venture, one of the most important questions that needs to be answered is: “Who wants what I’m offering?”

It’s important because the answer will save your valuable time. Time making cold calls to people who resent being disturbed. Time going to meet prospects who don’t rock up. Time pitching to people who aren’t interested. Time pitching to people who can’t afford what you’ve got.

One of the masters of not wasting time…especially time wasted cold calling…is Frank Rumbauskas.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his newsletters, with two very important tips for sales success:

If you go into a sales situation with a “selling” mindset and you expect resistance and objections, of course you’re going to get them. 

Your anticipation of failure comes through in your voice tone, your body language, and a hundred other subtle ways. Prospects sense it, and they shut you down. 

But when you come in with thoughts of, “You will love this and you are going to buy,” then those thoughts come across in all of your non-verbal forms of sub-communication, and prospects pick up on that – and act accordingly! 

With that in mind, here’s what you can do – right now – to jumpstart your sales numbers, fast: 

1. Take inventory of all the ways your product or service benefits your customers, put yourself in their shoes, and understand once and for all how happy and excited prospects will be to hear about it! 

2. Make sure you are only dealing with prospects who are fully qualified, who have a current need for your product or service, and who are capable of buying. Don’t make cold calls at random and then wonder why you’re getting zero results. 

As to that second point, if you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to get in front of those highly valuable prospects we all want, I’ve laid out the answers in my Never Cold Call Again system which covers, in step-by-step detail, dozens of lead generation techniques you can begin using immediately, at no cost, and start generating hot leads from highly qualified prospects who want to buy right now. 

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Tim Sales also has an excellent system for finding out if the person you’re speaking with is really interested in your business or your products…or is struggling to listen to you out of politeness. It’s called “Professional Inviter”. Just one of the many excellent business tools at…and there’s a free booklet to download there, too.

To achieve Frank’s important recommendations in point 1, before you put yourself in front of a potential customer or potential business colleague, review the literature in your GNLD joining pack. Know how your business works. Know how GNLD Distributors make money.

And know the benefits of your products. Remember, most people look for benefits, not an impressive ingredients list or scientific research results. Make sure you can answer the question your prospect is silently asking himself: “What’s in it for me?”

The best way to do this?…use GNLD products yourself. Then you’ll enthuse naturally about the benefits you’ve experienced, and you’ll come across…not as someone chanting sales blurb…but as the genuine, helpful person you are.