GNLD Nutriance Mild Revitalising Shampoo

Lather away impurities and add silky radiance with luxurious, salon-quality Nutriance shampoos

GNLD Nutriance Mild Revitalising Shampoo

GNLD Nutriance Mild Revitalising Shampoo is made with Vitamin B3 and pro-vitamin B5, Aloe Vera Gel, and Chamomile to give a rich, soothing lather that helps maintain a healthy hair and scalp pH.

We find it very effective, yet gentle. Our hair feels soft and has a lovely healthy sheen.

And it’s great to know dust, perspiration, hair-spray, and a host of environmental pollutants have been removed…without disturbing the natural protective lipid balance of our hair and scalp…or leaving any dull, clogging residues.

Some shampoos have really overpowering perfumes that seem to interfere with the wife’s favourite perfume. Not this shampoo. There’s a lovely fresh, clean, subtle aroma that doesn’t interfere at all.

This Nutriance shampoo pampers any dry, fragile, sensitive or chemically treated hair and scalp. If your hair tends to be a little greasy, you may prefer Rich Revitalising Shampoo. Same great quality, but with Witch Hazel to help control oiliness.

Treat yourself to a bottle…your hair is worth it!

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