how to get your own GNLD pin

how to get your own GNLD PIN and use it to access the Distributor-only section of GNLD’s website

To get access to the Distributor-only section of GNLD’s website, you’ll need to register a PIN of your choice with GNLD, first.

This can only be done at the Headquarters of GNLD Africa, in Johannesburg.

Step 1

If you’re in South Africa, give GNLD a call on 0800 600 790 (toll-free from a landline) and ask to speak to someone about registering your GNLD PIN so you can log on to the Distributor-only section of GNLD’s website.

If you live in another African country, you can use the regular phone number +27 11 409 3000 or email to register your PIN.

Send an email to Marion Pretorius asking for PIN registration.

Here’s her email address:

Include the following info in your email…

  • your name
  • your GNLD ID number
  • the country you live in
  • the PIN of your choice (choose four digits only, like 1234)

Step 2

After you’ve got your PIN registered, go to GNLD’s website at

At the top of the page, on the right-hand side, you’ll see a rectangular button with the words “LOGIN TO DISTRIBUTOR ONLY”

Click the button.

Step 3

After clicking the login button, your personalised Distributor webpage will open.

Explore all the tabs and the boxes…there’s a mine of useful information and business tools to discover there.