downloadable digital products and ebooks sale, by Tim Sales

sale of downloadable digital products and ebooks, by Tim Sales. Hurry...two more days only

Got this email from Tim Sales about a sale of downloadable digital products and ebooks…two more days only…

” We know that sometimes the products we offer are just not in your current budget. We also know that you still need help – the kind of help that will improve that profit margin and get you where you need to be faster, more effectively and with ease.

For those reasons, we have compiled five very affordable digital products and eBooks, all designed to give you the boost you need to get to the next level.

The prices are rock bottom. There is no shipping. There is a wealth of knowledge and skills to be gained.

 And you can have them rapidly, affordably, easily. And best of all – right now. Expansion is just around the corner.

Buy one or two. Buy three or four. Buy all five and I’ll give you another discount. Just get them today. Get on track for rapid growth. That’s what it’s all about.



 This eBook gives you 48 powerful advertising techniques to generate leads for your M.L.M. business so that you can build a huge organization in Network Marketing and make a lot of money working part-time.

 Normally $11.95 Now $5.00



 It goes without saying that if the fear of picking up the phone and calling leads and prospects stops you or the people in your downline from making calls, then none of you will make much money. Learn how to overcome and conquer that fear and valuable tips, scripts & much more!

 Normally $11.95 Now $6.95 


Get the secrets I used to leap to the top of my company’s compensation plan. With these Product Sales Tips, I built my down-line to 23,000 while leaping to the top of the compensation plan.

 Normally $14.95 Now $9.95



Forget “goal-setting”, instead learn goal-achieving! Never again experience the guilt of failing to achieve your goals!

 Normally $11.00 Now $6.00



 We’ve never done this before! Now you can buy the first module of Pro Inviter – Our flagship Training Program that has helped tens of thousands of network marketers succeed!

 I teach you why learning how to invite your prospect in a professional way gives you intense pride in your business. It also ensures your prospect enjoys the experience too. You’ll learn your advantage over other competing networkers the moment you learn how to invite like a pro.

 If Sold Individually: $21.50 Now $15.00


Buy the complete bundle for $35.00 and save and SAVE $7.90

As always, I wish you success!


P.S. Please feel free to share this email with your friends, downline, new recruits, or anyone else that you feel could benefit from these valuable training materials.”


Interested? Want more info? Here’s the link to Tim Sales’ website page.