contaminated ice in some UK fast-food restaurants

water in some UK fast-food restaurant toilets may be cleaner than the ice they put in your drink

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It’s a revolting thought, but there may be more in your drink than you think.

In one of Dr Mercola’s newsletters this week, the lead article was about contamination of ice served in several fast-food restaurants in the UK.

A report in the UK’s Daily Mail in September 2011 found contaminated ice being served in some restaurants.

Apparently, there hasn’t been much improvement.

Dr Mercola referred to a report in the same newspaper this week revealing the water in the restaurant toilets may be cleaner than the ice in your drink.

The report is about restaurants in England, not in South Africa. However, just to be on the safe side, if you’re going to order a cold drink, it may be prudent to ask for a cold can or bottle from the fridge and go without the ice.


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