GNLD All Africa Convention, Durban

When is it?

Durban's beautiful seafront panorama

Durban's seafront panorama is beautiful, even when storm clouds are gathering

Put GNLD’s All Africa Convention in whopping great letters in your diary. You can’t miss it!

Friday July 10th and Saturday July 11th are the two days. It’s going to be a really exciting, action-packed, dose of energetic enthusiasm at the International Convention Centre in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Check out the details at GNLD’s Events website

Who else will be there?

Apart from you, us, and about 3000 other Distributors, do you mean? Well…

Roget Uys inspired everyone when he was President of GNLD Africa. Now he’s doing a fantastic job as President and CEO of the whole of GNLD International, based at GNLD Headquarters in California. It’ll be great to have our South African back for a day or two.

Ian Parker, a qualified pharmacist, is hard-working Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Africa. He grew up in Durban, so he’s coming home for the Convention. We always learn a lot from Ian, and we’re looking forward to him sharing his knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise with us again.

From Addo, in the Eastern Cape, Charlie and Alta Bolton will be there.They’ve been 5 Diamond Directors for 12 years in a row, and have developed the largest team anywhere in the GNLD world. Their team is named the Eagle Team, with something like 500,000 members in 30 countries. What an achievement! Heide and I are really proud to be Eagles!

Mdu and Fikile Mokoena are 5 Diamond Directors, who grew up in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. They’re a dynamic duo, with an energetic team… the fastest-growing in GNLD. It’s worth attending the Convention to let some of their team’s amazing enthusiasm rub off on you!

From humble beginnings in Accra, Ghana, Moses and Juliet Klinogo have risen to 5 Diamond Directors and a life of luxury. Just like everyone else with their own GNLD business, they started by signing the Distributor Application Form. Their determination has carried them to the top in only 10 years. They’ll be sharing how they did it, so come and hear their amazing story.

What’s it cost?

Distributors attending the show-case on Friday 10th only… R10 per person.

There’s no entrance fee for guests, so bring anyone you know, whose life you want to change for the better. This is a really great chance to show people struggling financially, a genuine way out. In South Africa, anyone over 18 can start their own GNLD business for just R300! Where else can they get a business, and all the support, for that price?

And it’s a great way to help anyone you know, who has a health challenge. GNLD’s nutritional products are the best: founded in Nature, backed by science. They work!

Any Distributor attending Friday and Saturday (that is, the whole Convention) will be asked for R105 per person, which includes the Friday night entrance fee, Saturday entrance fee, and Conference registration.

In addition, there’s an optional Convention Pack, containing a DVD and all sorts of literature, for R56 per pack.


If you enjoy standing in long queues, chatting to people, get your tickets at the door on Friday. Otherwise get them from your local Distributor Service Centre before the Convention.


Why not make a long weekend of it and have a look around Durban?

The beautiful 2010 stadium is nearing completion… you’ve got to see that. And there’s uShaka Marine Park… shopping… restaurants… the beaches…

You can check out hotels and B & B’s, and all Durban’s got to offer, at Durban’s new 2010 FIFA website.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Convention!