GNLD discount shopping

Imagine the next time you go into your favourite supermarket, and there’s a big sign above one of the check-out tills that reads…

Pay here and save at least 15% on your bill. Card holders only.

Would you want to get a card?

Of course you would!

GNLD discount card…

Your GNLD membership number is just like a discount card…because it enables you to buy at wholesale price many of the items you’re buying every week from your supermarket at full retail price.

Wholesale price means paying at least 15%… and often 20% or more… less for your consumable products like hair shampoo, conditioner, skin creams, nutritional supplements, household cleaners, laundry powder.

Not only will you save money doing your bit for the safety of your family and the environment by using biodegradable, environment-friendly GNLD products in your home… you’ll ensure you fill any nutritional gaps in your diet with GNLD leading-edge nutritionals at wholesale prices.

Sounds interesting?

visit our website…

Update… Our new GNLD-monitored website enables you to safely and easily join GNLD online.

Nip on over and start saving your hard-earned cash, here.