Positive replies for success

reply to a question…

Ever noticed what many people reply, when you ask them a question about something?

“Did you have a good day yesterday?”

“It was interesting, but…” or “It would’ve been interesting, if…”

“How’s the new car going?”

“It goes well, but…” or “It would go well, if… “

remove those two small words…

See what a positive difference it makes to your replies if you remove the words “but” and “if”, and replace them with “and”.

“What was the holiday resort like?”

“It was a nice place, and…  we had a great time.”

“Did you have a good day yesterday?”

“It was interesting, and… we met a lot of people.”

“And” encourages you to think of something positive to say… and if your thoughts are positive, your actions are positive.

Positive actions contribute to your success… so give “and” a try next time someone asks you a question.

“Every good thought you think is contributing its share to the ultimate result of your life.” Grenville Kleiser.