GNLD G1 Laundry Compound – safe, biodegradable, economical


At an Eagle Team Conference in Bloemfontein one year, an industrial chemist shared the following testimony with the large audience…

When his wife started her part-time GNLD business from home, one of the Homecare products she bought was GNLD’s G1 Laundry Compound.

He admitted he was sceptical about all the wonderful claims she made about G1, and decided to take a sample to his laboratory and test it himself.

Part of his daily work was to test products, like washing powders, for large companies, so testing GI would be no problem for him.


He went on to explain that ordinary washing powders contain ash and fillers. The fillers, apparently, are rather like little pieces of popcorn.

During manufacture, the washing detergents are stuck onto the popcorn.

As you can imagine, there is much more popcorn than detergent in a box of normal washing powder. That’s why you need to use a whopping great scoop of it, to get enough detergent to clean your clothes. And why the box of powder doesn’t seem to last very long.


Not only that, the popcorn is very difficult to rinse out of the tiny gaps between the fibres of your clothes. Some of it can remain behind, leaving detergent residues in the materials, which make the clothes stiff and rough to the touch.

Detergents aren’t the only chemicals stuck onto the popcorn. There are also enzymes, which are designed to break down food and other stains on clothing.

In the damp areas of our bodies, like the neck, armpit, and groin, any enzymes not rinsed out are activated again by the natural moisture, and they start to attack the proteins of the nearby skin. No wonder so many adults and children nowadays develop itchy skin rashes!

rinses completely out…

GNLD G1 Laundry Compound doesn’t contain ash. And it doesn’t have any popcorn in it. That means it rinses completely out of your clothes, so there’s no residue to make you itch.

You’ll also find your clothes aren’t stiff and scratchy, so you’ll hardly ever need to use a softener. (If you do want to spoil yourself occasionally, GNLD has an excellent softener called Soft.)

And another bonus of having no ash or fillers, is that your washing machine’s pipes and filter won’t slowly clog up, like they can do with ordinary powders.


small GNLD G1 Laundry Compound scoop

G1 goes a very long way, too. The 15 g scoop is very small compared with usual scoops, so a 2 kg pack of G1 is enough for a whopping 133 washes of 5 kg each. In other words, the pack will last you for months, not a week or two.


As you can see from the photos I took of the packet, GNLD G1 Laundry Compound is biodegradable, which means it breaks down into its original compounds, that don’t damage the environment.

And if your drains go into a septic tank in the garden like ours do, it’s comforting to know you won’t ruin the tank’s fine balance of microbes.

important tip…

When you use G1 for the first time, it will loosen all the gunk that’s built up in your machine from your old powder.

Please make sure you run two complete cycles with an old towel first, before washing your clothes.

This will ensure your machine is nice and clean, and your clothes come out really fresh.

other uses…

GNLD G1 Laundry Compound works very well in your dishwasher.

One level teaspoon of G1 is enough, so it’s very economical. There’s no need for rinse aid or salt, so you save on those costs, too.

By the way, have you looked at the side-panels of the dishwasher product you’re using now? Has it got a warning label showing a black cross on an orange background, with the word “irritant” printed below it?

If it has got the warning, can you be sure your machine washes every trace of it completely off your plates, before you put the next meal on them?

GNLD’s G1 rinses completely off your crockery, cutlery, and glasses, leaving them spotless, with no residues to taint your food or drinks.

more info…

If you want to read more, you’ll find exactly what’s in GNLD’s G1 in the Product Guide.

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