Qualify your prospects

chat with your prospects and qualify them first

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When you start your GNLD business, you’ll be full of enthusiasm and eager to try the products you’ve heard so much about. You’ll discover for yourself what you’ve heard is true… GNLD products work!

Then you’ll want to tell everyone you know about the products, and the business from home you’ve started part time.

You’ll expect them to be as enthusiastic as you are about your new products … and see the enormous potential of your new business, just like you do.

However, dumping your knowledge and business enthusiasm on people will not usually get you the results you want.

Instead, you’ll most likely see the shutters come down… if you know what I mean.

A far better approach is… qualify first.

qualify your person…

By ‘qualify’ I mean find out exactly what your prospect wants, needs, or doesn’t want.

And then, when you’ve got the information, honestly assess if what you have to offer will fulfil that person’s needs or wants.

The best way to do this is to have a normal chat with them.

Don’t start chatting, with the thought in your mind, that you’re going to steer the conversation round to your new business as soon as you get the chance.

Talk easily, and freely, like you normally do with friends.

And don’t mention your business or products.

ask and listen…

The technique is… ask a normal question (i.e. one not deliberately slanted to your business), and then listen to the answer.

Keeping quiet when you’re about to burst with enthusiasm is a test of self control… master it, and listen. Really listen. Don’t interrupt. Look the other person in the eye, stop your eyes wandering off somewhere else, and pay attention to what is being said.

For example, you ask a perfectly normal question: “How have you been keeping, Joe? Still playing golf?

Make a mental note of Joe’s answer, whatever it is.

“I’ve been okay, I guess… if it weren’t for my knees. They play me up every now and again, so I can’t play golf as often as I’d like to.”

Aha! Mental note: Joe… sore knees… golf. But resist the temptation to launch into a sales pitch there and then.

At another time, you can offer Joe the benefits of GNLD Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus to reduce the soreness in his kness, so he can play golf as often as he likes.

On the other hand, you may get the answer: “I’m great: never felt better. I play 18-holes every day and can out-play chaps half my age.”

Obviously, there’s no use trying to convince Joe he needs something for his knees. He feels good, and as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t need a product from you at this point in time.

In a nutshell, find out if there’s a need, first. That way, you won’t come across as a pushy salesman Joe’s going to avoid if he can.

You’ve had an enjoyable chat with Joe. Leave it at that, and he’ll respect your professionalism.

Professional Inviter…

For me, the master of qualifying people is Tim Sales.

If you don’t know him yet, visit his website firstclassmlmtools.com and sign up for his free newsletter. You’ll get lots of excellent tips and techniques regularly delivered to your inbox.

Tim’s CD course, ‘Professional Inviter’, teaches you how to qualify people, and then invite them to look at what you have to offer. Worth every cent.

Check out Professional Inviter if you’re…

  • new to the GNLD business and not sure how to approach people
  • you’ve been in business a while, but aren’t getting the results you want from your prospecting efforts

Using the techniques Tim teaches has saved me so much time… and stressful phone calls! Now chatting with people is a pleasurable breeze :-)