GNLD Carotenoid Complex immune system booster

GNLD Carotenoid Complex broad spectrum whole food antioxidants

As you can see from the collage of photos I took of our pot, GNLD Carotenoid Complex is a unique blend of carotenoid antioxidants derived from a variety of the most carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables.

GNLD guarantees what’s written on the label is in the pot. And also guarantees that there’s nothing in the pot that’s not on the label. So you won’t find any sneaky carotenoids from marigolds, or anything else humans aren’t designed to eat!

What are carotenoids?

Carotenoids are…

  • the natural pigments that give tomatoes and strawberries their red colour, apricots their unique orange-yellow, and carrots their orange-red. Spinach contains a lot of carotenoids too, though they’re masked by the chlorophyll that makes the leaves dark green
  • stored in the lipid (oily) parts of the cell membranes of fruits and vegetables
  • very powerful antioxidants, which Mother Nature has put there to protect the cells of fruits and vegetables from attack by free radicals

When we chew colourful fruits and vegetables, the plant cells are pulverised by our teeth, releasing the antioxidant protective pigments from the cell walls. The longer we chew our food, the more pigments we get. So your mother was right when she urged you to chew your food properly!

How does Carotenoid Complex protect our cells?

In the stomach and intestines, the carotenoids are absorbed into the blood stream, where they immediately start protecting us.

Red blood cells, for example, take the carotenoids and incorporate them into their cell walls, where the carotenoids do a similar job of protection they did in the plant cell walls.

The short of it is, if you can protect your body’s components from damage by free radicals, you’ll live a longer, healthier life. And look much younger than you really are!

Is there any proof GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex works?

Plenty! Here’s some of the human clinical research that’s been done with GNLD Carotenoid Complex…

Scientists from the United States Department of Agriculture conducted clinical tests on human volunteers using GNLD Carotenoid Complex. The amazing results they got were reviewed by other scientists, before they were published in the world-respected scientific journal, ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’.

Here’s what the USDA studies showed about GNLD Carotenoid Complex…

  • natural killer cells (NKC) were enhanced by more than 21% above baseline in just 20 days
  • lymphocytes were dramatically enhanced by 37% in only 20 days
  • the oxidation of blood lipids was greatly reduced
  • the oxidation of cellular lipids was reduced by 44%

Another study by the USDA and the University of Washington, Seattle, with human volunteers, showed GNLD Carotenoid Complex can defend your cells against biologic attacks from free radicals.

And there have been many other University studies, all confirming the far-reaching health benefits of GNLD Carotenoid Complex.

What’s all this research mean?

In simpler terms, GNLD Carotenoid Complex…

  • boosted greatly the immune systems of the volunteers in the clinical trials, in only 20 days
  • protected their cells from damage by free radicals
  • protected their hearts and blood vessels against free radical attack
  • reduced the chance of their cholesterol being oxidised

Why you need GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex…

Look at any of the current recommendations from the WHO, Heart Associations, Cancer Associations, or Diabetes Associations from around the world, and you’ll see a message common to them all… eat a minimum of 5, preferably as much as 11, servings of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables every day to get protection against heart disease, cancer, and a host of other debilitating diseases.

Many people don’t eat 5 servings a week. You may know people who don’t eat fruit at all. Or any vegetables.

Some health-conscious people do eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. But to get all the antioxidant power in a pot of 90 GNLD Carotenoid Capsules, by eating the carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables from which it’s made, they’d have to munch their way through a whopping 115 kg of raw produce!

GNLD Carotenoid Complex is the only way to make sure you’re getting the protection you need. And you can only get it from GNLD because it’s protected by a world-wide patent (UK 2,274,235).

How to get your Carotenoid Complex…

GNLD Carotenoid Complex antioxidants from fruit and vegetables

To get the equivalent protection by eating carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables every day instead of taking 3 capsules of Carotenoid Complex, you’d have to chew your way through 1.28 kg of raw stuff every day!

Still not convinced you need daily GNLD Carotenoid Complex?

You can listen to John Miller, of GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board, explain all the benefits… mp3 (6.4MB)

Or read GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex brochette by downloading the pdf (872KB)… here

And there’s a dedicated GNLD Carotenoid Complex website… here

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