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Here’s a really great way to get your GNLD business visible on the internet… and it won’t cost you a cent.

No fees for building the site. No monthly hosting fees. All you need is an internet connection so you can log onto the WordPress website.


Using WordPress, it’s easy for anyone to create their own site or blog.

The main difference between a static website and a blog is that you can very easily add to your blog yourself, while adding to a website usually involves a web host, ftp programmes, html code, and the like.

With WordPress you don’t need any of that stuff, so it’s a really great way to get online for those of us without a degree in computer science. To use WordPress’ words… ‘ Technically challenged? Go from zero to hero in our 10-step walk-through guide.’

before you sign up…

The only thing you’ll need to know, before you sign up, is the name you’re going to call your site.

WordPress will create a free website address for you, which will have this format…

www.the name you

For example, our free address is

choosing a name…

Choosing a name for your new GNLD business is probably the hardest part. Ideally, you want people to be able to make a reasonable guess about what you do, from your business name.

When we were thinking of names for our GNLD home business, we knew we wanted a business with a solid foundation, expanding to other countries, with the sky the limit… so we chose the name Skyscrapers International.

The name meant a lot to us… but not to anyone else! We got fed up with people asking us about steel scaffolding, so changed the name to Healthy Business. We’re in the business of health, and that’s been a much better choice.


A theme means the design, the appearance, of your website.

There are hundreds of free themes to choose from, and you’re not stuck with your first choice. If you change your mind about how your site looks, simply choose another theme, hit the button, and it will automatically adopt the new theme for you… it’s that easy with WordPress.


Statistics make a lot of people yawn, but in this case, you’ll want to take a good look.

With meetings, it’s bottoms on seats that counts. With the internet, it’s eyeballs.

Building a WordPress site is fun, but if nobody visits it, you may feel your efforts have been in vain.

Fortunately, WordPress keeps track of the number of visitors to your site, where they came from, and how they got there.

That’s really helpful information, because you can see the words people type into Google and other search engines that led them to your site.

You’ll also see which of your articles people looked at, and which ones they ignored.

With that information, you write more articles around the topics people are searching for, and don’t waste your time write about the subjects people aren’t searching for.


A widget is a little parcel of code that enables visitors to see certain things on your website. Thankfully, you don’t need to know anything about code… you just choose a widget you want, and click a button.

For example, if you want to share your tweets with your website visitors, add a twitter widget. Or show a calendar. Or the weather. Or inspirational quotes.

There are hundreds of widgets to choose from, so you can personalise your site just the way you want it.


There is a very active WordPress forum, where you can find hints and tips, and the answers to all sorts of questions.

And I’m happy to help you with the basics to get you going, so if you’re stuck, drop me a line via the comment box below.

getting your website…

Nip on over and have a look for yourself, at

At the top right of the homepage you’ll see an orange ‘sign up now’ button. Clicking it takes you through to a secure, very short, simple sign-up form. Enter your details, and you’re ready to get started.

So go on…express yourself. Start a blog. Sign up now…

sign up for your free blog at

sign up for your free blog at