12 most persuasive words

communicating effectively with people

(thanks to pier_cumuru at sxc.hu for the free stock photo)

A study at Yale University some years ago found twelve words had a very persuasive power.

I’m sure you could think of at least three of them… love, money, and health are high on the list of most people’s interests.

Here’s the list of the twelve words the Yale researchers identified…in no particular order of persuasive power…

  • discovery
  • easy
  • guarantee
  • health
  • love
  • money
  • new
  • proven
  • results
  • safety
  • save
  • you


Possibly the most important word on the list is you.

Les Giblin, in his book “Skill With People”, suggests taking these four words out of our vocabularies…

I, me, my, mine

and substituting them with, quote: ‘…the most powerful word spoken by the human tongue – “you.’

‘this is for you

you will benefit if you do this’

‘this will please your family’

you get both advantages’

business uses…

sprinkle the 12 words liberally to reinforce your words…

  • when you’re writing an article about a GNLD product
  • chatting about your GNLD business
  • composing an advertisement
  • making a flyer

You’re going to be using words to promote your business, so you might as well weave in the 12 most persuasive ones.

And they’ll have a remarkably positive effect if you use them in your daily social interactions, too :-)