GNLD Formula IV Plus

GNLD Formula IV Plus box and sachet

Dashing off to a business breakfast? No need to spend time opening supplement containers…or to leave home without your supplements…just slip a sachet of Formula IV Plus into your pocket and take it later, with your breakfast or lunch.

Formula IV Plus is a very convenient way of ensuring you have a daily supply of vitamins and minerals, as well as the essential plant lipids and sterols necessary for healthy cells.

Formula IV Plus sachet with Multi and Tre-en-en

As you can see, each sachet contains…

  • one capsule of Tre-en-en… GNLD’s unique lipid and sterol supplement derived from whole grains
  • one tablet of Multi… providing vitamins and minerals derived from real, human food

The lovely dark green is the natural colour provided by chlorophyll.

Formula IV Plus has…

  • no synthetic colourants
  • no added sugar
  • no preservatives

iron free…

Because most adults…who eat a varied diet…get enough iron from their food, the Multi tablet in the Formula IV Plus sachet is iron free.

If you have family members who are female, between puberty and menopause, an iron supplement could be indicated. However, too much iron can release a lot of free radicals, so it’s best to resist the temptation to self-medicate, and only take an iron supplement if your health care provider has tested you and shown you to be lacking in iron.

trace elements…

Multi contains three very important trace elements that are usually lost during food processing…

  • selenium… especially important for a strong immune system
  • chromium… necessary for the production of insulin, the building of proteins, and the correct use of fats and cholesterol
  • molybdenum… necessary for certain enzymes, and for healthy bones and teeth

more info…

If you’d like to read more about GNLD Formula IV Plus…

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