GNLD LDC – economical, biodegradable, multi-purpose cleaner

GNLD LDC versatile, economical, biodegradable cleaning concentrate

GNLD LDC versatile, economical, biodegradable cleaning concentrate

GNLD’s LDC is a very effective, economical, biodegradable cleaner with many uses around the home and office.

free rinsing…

The special system of three surfactants enables LDC to loosen dirt and fats, and hold them in suspension in the water. Then when you throw the water away, the suspended dirts and fats go down the sink and do not stick to the sink or the inside of the drainage pipes…there’s no scum in the sink, and pipework is kept clean and free-flowing.


LDC is phosphate free, and all of the constituents are biodegradable. Being readily broken down by natural biological action means LDC doesn’t cause any suds or foaming problems in our lakes and streams.

Important for us at our home, is that LDC doesn’t harm septic tanks. And if you’re on a main drainage network, you’ll be reassured to know it doesn’t harm sewage disposal systems or water treatment plants, either.

dilute and save…

We use LDC diluted 1 part LDC to 5 parts tap water, which means we get 6 litres of multi-purpose cleaner from a litre bottle of the LDC concentrate, or a whopping 35 litres from a more-economical 5 litre bottle… very easy on the pocket :-) …and doesn’t harm the environment :-)

The easiest way to dilute LDC is with GNLD’s squeezy mixing bottle. We keep a squeezy bottle handy at the sink, and a spray bottle in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

easily mix LDC in GNLD's squeezy bottle

easily mix LDC in GNLD’s squeezy bottle

handy sprayer for GNLD LDC

handy sprayer for GNLD LDC


GNLD LDC is a very versatile cleaner, so you can use it for many, many jobs…

in the kitchen…

vegetables & fruits…remove potentially harmful waxes and chemicals before you eat the produce

dishes…wash by hand. Works in cold, hot, or salt water. Contains soothing coconut oil, so no wash-day red hands. (Not suitable for a dishwashing machine…makes far too many suds)

finger marks…clean and shine kitchen appliances, cupboard doors

cooking splashes…keeps stove like new

in the laundry…

clothes…wash by hand…use a short squirt of 1:5 LDC in a bowl of water. It’s safe for most fabrics, especially the wash & wear ones, but isn’t recommended for silks

stains…as soon as you splash food on your clothes, spray or drip 1:5 LDC solution on the spot. Don’t rub. Wait, then rinse off with cold water

in the bathroom…

hands…use 1:5 LDC instead of soap to clean grubby hands, without drying-out your skin

feet…a squirt of 1:5 LDC in warm water makes a great foot bath

bath, shower, hand-basin…removes shampoo, gel, and soap deposits

toilet bowl & toilet seat…keep them spotless, without using harsh chemicals

taps…give them a nice shine with 1:5 LDC on a damp cloth

in the office…

dampen…don’t soak…a lint-free cloth with LDC 1:5 and remove finger marks and grime from…

  • fax machine
  • computer screen
  • computer housing
  • keyboard
  • writing desk
  • filing cabinets
  • rulers, pencils, pens

for your floors…

be careful not to soak the floors…a damp micro-fibre flat mop, frequently rinsed in a solution of warm water with a squirt of 1:5 LDC, works well on…

  • laminate flooring
  • sealed wooden floors
  • linoleum tiles
  • novilon

in the garden…

Dish- and floor-washing water is biodegradable and excellent for watering plants, because the surfactants help the water penetrate the soil, which means…

  • less wasteful water run-off
  • roots get a good drink
  • fertiliser penetrates the soil better
  • aphids…drowns them…spray a very dilute mixture

for your pets…

dog shampoo…rinses completely off, leaving no itchy residue. Drowns fleas and ticks. We use a 1 LDC to 5 water solution in a GNLD squeezy bottle

food bowls, dog lead, comb, brush, and rub-down cloths

for the swimming pool…

suntan oils…removes greasy deposits from the tile edging

for the car…

Dampen a lint-free cloth with 1:5 LDC, and clean marks off. Then dry and buff with a clean cloth for like-new results. Works well on…

  • dashboard
  • upholstery
  • mirrors
  • windows
  • windscreen…a squirt of 1:5 LDC in the washer bottle

One of our sons washes his whole car with a few squirts of 1:5 LDC in a bucket of water…and it looks great!

take LDC camping…

Save space…just take a bottle of biodegradable LDC and a mixing bottle with you when you go camping, and use it for…

  • washing dishes
  • washing clothes
  • hand cleaner
  • hair shampoo
  • shower gel

Protect the environment…when you throw the used LDC water away it degrades, leaving no residues to harm plants or animals :-)

to order…

Parcels of liquids tend to weigh a lot, which pushes up the Post Office charges. There are other options to get your LDC though, so please nip over to our order page.

money-saving tip…

GNLD LDC money-saving 5 litre bottle

GNLD LDC money-saving 5 litre bottle

If you buy a 5 litre bottle, there’s a big saving compared with buying 5 x single 1 litre bottles.

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