how to get your own GNLD website

GNLD has recently introduced to South Africa, the excellent facility available in America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand…your own GNLD website.

It’s very easy to set up…no knowledge of website structure whatsoever is required. As long as you can visit websites on your computer, that’s all the knowledge you need.

what’s the investment?

At the date of writing, it’s only a miserly R700 per year.

For that small investment in your business you get a whole lot…

  • your own website, with its unique address
  • includes a shopping basket and secure payment portal so customers can select products and pay for them securely online. (This alone makes it worth it, as the shopping-trolley software often costs a lot, and in addition there’s usually a service fee deducted from each sale by the company providing the secure payment portal)
  • online application form so people can join your team…wherever they are in South Africa…whenever it’s convenient for them. Your team can grow while you’re sleeping at night, or away on holiday!
  • excellent information direct from GNLD about all their products available in South Africa
  • retail prices conveniently shown next to every product

here’s how to get your website…

Step 1

If you haven’t already arranged access to the Distributor-only section of GNLD’s website, you’ll need to do that first.

Go to in your browser, and click on the ‘Login to Distributor Only’ button at the top right of GNLD’s front page, like this…


go to GNLD's homepage at


Step 2

Think of four numerals for your Pin, and have them ready.

Call GNLD in Johannesburg and ask to be put through to someone who can register your Pin for access to the Distributor-only section of the GNLD website.

From a land-line the call is toll-free… 0800600790


register your Pin with GNLD in Jo'burg

Step 3

After you have registered your Pin, you’re able to sign in to the Distributor-only section like this…


sign in with your GNLD ID number, and your Pin


Step 4

Think of a name for your GNLD business…and then think of a couple of alternatives, in case the name you want has already been registered.

Try to think of a name that will relate to your GNLD business…maybe the aspect you want to focus on. For example, in the right hand column of this page you can see Nonjabulo Nxumalo in the Distributor section. Her business name is myhealthyliving. Great name!

Payment can be made with a credit card or EFT, so have those details ready, as well.

Now you’re all set.

Click on the ‘click here to sign up’ link, and follow the easy steps.


sign up for your own GNLD website


example website

The photo below is a snapshot of our GNLD website, and your site will have a similar format.

I’ve put some notes on it, so you can see the parts you can customise to make your website unique.

We’re really delighted with ours… and for the small investment, it’s a real bargain!


your GNLD website will look similar to this one