Short introduction to the GNLD Nutriance Skincare range

GNLD Nutriance Skincare and Haircare products we use

The photo shows the GNLD Nutriance® Skincare and Haircare products Heide and I use regularly. We were buying products of similar quality from local speciality shops…at full retail price…but since joining GNLD, we get Nutriance® at discounted distributor prices…saving us lots of money every year :-)

Like many women, Heide was a little reluctant at first to change from her previous favourite brands…but now, GNLD Nutriance® is her favourite brand.

And after hearing they work on men’s skin, I tried them, too. Much to my surprise, my crusty chops gradually assumed the texture of a baby’s bottom.

GNLD’s Nutriance® Skincare preparations are formulated in specially-chosen Swiss laboratories…under the direction of GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board…to provide the benefits of botanical extracts, pro-vitamins, and antioxidants…very special formulations proven to enhance the appearance of skin and hair.

After the exacting standards of Swiss manufacture, human clinical tests were conducted in a world-famous French cosmetic clinic in Lyon, ensuring products of the very highest quality. As if that wasn’t enough, GNLD also had a leading South African medical university test the preparations…and their efficacy was proven once again. As you expect from GNLD, none of the tests is performed on animals…only on eager human volunteers.

The human clinical trials proved that the Nutriance® Synergy Cycle…

  • increases your skin’s moisture level by over 80%, after application
  • boosts antioxidant activity by 90%, protecting your skin against age-accelerating free radicals and photo-ageing UV rays
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles by up to 28% in just 28 days

With regular daily use of clinically-proven Nutriance® Skincare, you’ll notice how fresh, vibrant and smooth your skin is…helping you look younger than you are.


Of course, the Nutriance® Skincare products are more expensive than mass-produced supermarket products. After all, there’s no such thing as cheap quality, is there?

But the GNLD Nutriance® preparations are very competitively priced, compared with comparable brands like Estée Lauder, Lancôme, or Clinique.

And you won’t find any expensive gold ribbon or crystal containers. The bottles and the boxes are all stylishly simple…everything is biodegradable…even the ink used to print the labels. That means the money you invest goes into the quality of the product, not into fancy packaging.

more info…

You’re welcome to read through the Nutriance® section of the GNLD product guide on this website, or to nip over to our GNLD website, where you’ll find retail prices and descriptions of every GNLD Nutriance® product available in South Africa.

getting your Nutriance®…

You can buy with confidence online at our GNLD website. There’s a shopping basket and a safe, secure payment facility monitored by GNLD. Here’s the address…

If you prefer not to buy online, choose an option that suits you, here.

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More articles about the benefits of the individual Nutriance® preparations are in the pipeline, so maybe you’d like to bookmark us and drop by again…we look forward to your next visit.