The meaning and purpose of pv and bv in GNLD

how GNLD calculates your bonus from your monthly totals of point value (pv) and bonus volume (bv)

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The meaning and purpose of pv and bv in GNLD

Every GNLD product has a point value (pv) and a bonus volume (bv).

The values are allocated by GNLD and are printed in the Distributor Confidential Price List…along with product codes, Distributor prices, and suggested retail prices of every product available in your country.

Every time a GNLD Distributor orders products, an invoice is issued by GNLD, which shows…

  • a list of products ordered this time
  • their product identifying codes
  • the Distributor discounted price you paid for each product
  • the retail price of each product
  • point value of each product
  • bonus volume of each product

On the totals line, you’ll see…

  • the total Distributor price you paid for the products you’ve just ordered
  • their retail value
  • the amount of Government Sales Tax (VAT) included
  • handling and delivery costs, if applicable
  • a running total of your points value (pv) for the current business month so far
  • a running total of your bonus volume (bv) for the current business month so far

In South Africa, at the end of every business month, the GNLD Service Centres close for two days. Part of that time is used to check and reconcile the stock levels and sales, and part of the time is used to prepare payments for all those Distributors who have qualified for a bonus…and this is where the pv and bv are used.

bonus payments

At business month end, GNLD checks the points value, and the bonus volume, of all the products each and every Distributor has ordered in that particular business month. Please note totals from one month are not carried forward to the next month.

It’s a mammoth task, but GNLD’s main-frame computers easily cope with the number-crunching.

points value (pv)

Your total points value (pv) for the month determines your bonus percentage level…also known as sales volume bonus (svb)…and it also determines your rank in GNLD.

There’s a sliding scale of benefit, so the larger your pv total, the higher your sales volume percentage, and the higher your rank, according to this chart…



1000pv-1999pv…Senior Manager…10%

2000pv-2999pv…Senior Manager…15%

3000pv-3999pv…Senior Manager…20%

4000pv and above…Director…25%

bonus volume

Every product has a bonus volume allocated to it by GNLD, which varies according to the costs involved producing and supplying the product.

At the end of each business month, you receive a percentage of your total bonus volume, provided…

  • you have ordered a minimum of 100 pv of products with your own GNLD ID number
  • you reach the minimum points value to qualify for a bonus

In any single month, either accumulate a total of 250 points value from your own orders placed with your membership number at different times in the month, or place a single order of 250 pv…and you’ll step up to Manager.

Once you’ve reached Manager…and onwards…you can earn a bonus payment every month, provided you accumulate at least 100 pv yourself, and enough team pv, according to the percentage chart, above.

advantage of teamwork

It’s difficult to sell enough products yourself to achieve the top bonus levels. Yes, profit from sales is very satisfying and enjoyable, but the big bucks do not come from sales alone.

In other words, the GNLD business is not about becoming a sales rep for GNLD…it’s about developing a team of like-minded people.

At month end, GNLD will allocate to you, the pv and the bv of your team members, provided you are at least a Manager, and have a minimum of 100 pv yourself. This makes an enormous difference to your wallet!

For example, let’s say you use 50 points-worth of product yourself. You sell another 50-points worth to customers. That makes a total of 100pv. You’ve saved money on your own usage (by buying at Distributor discount prices), and made a nice profit on your sales, but you haven’t got enough pv to qualify for a bonus.

However, if you have sponsored four other people, and have shown them how to use 50pv and sell 50pv like you do, your totals for the month become…100 own pv + 400 team pv = 500 pv…and now you do qualify for a bonus.

As you can see from the chart above, at 500pv you’ll get 5% of the combined bv of yourself and your four team members.

In GNLD, there is no cut-off point. Just make sure you do 100 pv a month yourself and you’ll pick up the pv and the bv of every member of your team…no matter how large your team becomes.

to recap…

Every GNLD product has an allocated points value (pv). The total pv of you and your team in any one business month determines your month’s percentage bonus level, as well as your GNLD rank.

Every GNLD product has an allocated bonus volume (bv). If you’re eligible for one, your bonus will be a percentage of the combined bonus volume of you and your team, with the actual percentage determined by your total team pv.


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