GNLD international and foster sponsoring

expand your GNLD business around the world

GNLD is expanding around the world, and you can, too!

Every GNLD Distributor is allowed to sponsor new people in any country where GNLD is established. At the last count, there were 55 GNLD countries!

Do you know people outside your own country, living in countries of these regions?…

North America

Canada United States (including Samoa, Guam, Midway Island, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Wake Island)


Antigua Bahamas Barbados Barbuda Jamaica St. Croix St. Lucia St. Thomas Tobago Trinidad




Angola Botswana Cameroon Ghana Kenya Lesotho Mozambique Namibia Nigeria South Africa Swaziland Tanzania Uganda

Northern Europe

Denmark Estonia Finland Iceland Ireland Latvia Lithuania Norway Sweden United Kingdom

South-eastern Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Montenegro Serbia Slovenia

Southern Europe

Austria France Germany Hungary Italy Romania Spain Switzerland


Australia Japan New Zealand Philippines

sponsor directly…

If you know someone well in another country, like family, or friends, you’ll be able to support them in developing their GNLD business by direct contact with them via email, websites, VoIP (like Skype), and IM (like Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk).

There’s loads of info available on GNLD websites, for example. And this site will be an increasingly useful place to browse, as more topics are added.

the business type…

We’ve found that some people are self-starters. They like to get info immediately they want it (by email, phone, or logging onto the internet), and prefer to be left alone to get on with growing their business themselves.

Others want to sit and chat with someone on a regular basis, to plan each new step of their business development. For these new team members, email and Skype won’t be enough. That’s where the GNLD foster sponsor programme steps in to provide the new person with direct, hands-on support.

GNLD foster sponsor programme…

I’m very grateful to Anri Cowan, at GNLD HQ in Johannesburg, for sending me a document explaining exactly how we can get the help of GNLD’s foster sponsor arrangements.

It also explains exactly who gets what, as the new person’s business develops and bonus payments are generated.

In a nutshell, GNLD will arrange for a successful Distributor, living as near to your new person as possible, to provide local support.

By ‘successful’ is meant a Distributor at Sapphire level or above, whose business is growing. So your new person gets the benefit of an energetic business-builder, and access to all the support programmes as if he/she had been sponsored by the foster him/herself .

Although you continue to work with the foster sponsor and your new team member via the internet, it’s the foster sponsor who does most of the support work. That’s why the business generated by your new person forms part of the foster sponsor’s team business volume, until your new person has developed to Director level.

After that, the various bonuses, business volumes, and points volumes are shared, as explained very well in the file I got from Anri. You can download a copy here (pdf 171 KB).

Here’s wishing you success with the overseas branches of your GNLD business… and lots of bonus payments from different countries around the globe swelling your bank account :-)

Important update…>>>    

You no longer have to be a Director before you get the benefit of your efforts overseas.

Anyone…from Distributor just started to 5 Diamond Director…now receives the pv and bv from every person they sponsor overseas.

The only proviso is the one we all know about…you need to have 100pv ordered on your own GNLD number before you pick up your overseas team’s points and bonus volume. It’s the same requirement to get the benefit of your team at home in South Africa.

This is a big change for the better. Now you don’t have to wait ’till you’re Director before you invite your family and friends living in other GNLD countries…you can expand overseas now.

<<< …Important update