GNLD Full Motion Glucosamine Complex

Full Motion Glucosamine Complex from GNLD

GNLD’s Full Motion glucosamine complex restores…

  • comfort
  • flexibility
  • mobility


The first step towards regaining your active way of life is to eliminate the pain caused by the inflammation in your joints.

Herbal Comfort Complex is a special blend of three healing herbs to boost your body’s natural anti-inflammatory capacity…

  1. Boswellia for its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic benefits
  2. Bromelain for reducing swelling and inflammation
  3. White Willow for relieving pain


Scientific research proves that the glucosamine in Full Motion can prevent or delay cartilage damage by boosting your body’s healthy cellular regeneration of cartilage.

Full Motion glucosamine complex keeps your joints moving.


GNLD Full Motion stimulates healthy new cartilage, resulting in easier, more comfortable movement.

And the bonus of GNLD’s exclusive Regenerative Mineral Complex repairs other key joint elements, not just collagen.

If you’re repairing normal-wear-and-tear-damaged older joints, overcoming the painful challenges of osteoarthritis, or have a sports-related injury, Full Motion puts you back where you belong… in smooth, pain-free motion!

the Full Motion advantages…

GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB, for short) formulated Full Motion to deliver the nutritionally-significant contribution of glucosamine…and other critical nutrients…the body needs to maintain healthy cartilage, to repair damaged cartilage caused by strenuous exercise, as well as damage from the ageing process.

Each serving of Full Motion delivers GNLD’s proven advantages of…

* 1500mg of natural, bio-functional, pharmaceutically-pure glucosamine hydrochloride. That’s the dose shown in various clinical studies to be most effective in reducing joint pain and stiffness.

* the glucosamine is provided as glucosamine hydrochloride, not glucosamine sulphate. The hydrochloride form of glucosamine is readily digested, and avoids the stomach upset often associated with sulphates.

* Herbal Comfort Complex, a special blend of herbs to boost the body’s natural anti-inflammatory capacity, and to provide additional comfort.

* Regenerative Mineral Complex to help ensure an abundance of the biologically-critical minerals necessary for healthy cartilage: zinc, silica, and boron.

* 3D Advantage. GNLD’s unique manufacturing technology maximises the three critical steps of digestion, ensuring optimal bio-availability…

  • Disintegration… tablets break down quickly
  • Dissolution… active ingredients dissolve smoothly and efficiently
  • Dispersion… active ingredients spread widely and efficiently throughout the body

words of caution…

  1. The glucosamine in Full Motion is obtained from natural sources: lobster, shrimp, and crayfish. The product is therefore labelled “contains shellfish“. If you’re allergic to shellfish, you may have an allergic reaction to the shellfish derivatives in Full Motion.
  2. The herb White willow (Salix alba) contains natural compounds from which aspirin was derived. So if you’re sensitive to aspirin, you may also be sensitive to the White willow component in Full motion.
  3. Because of the aspirin link, White willow… and therefore Full Motion… is not recommended for expectant or nursing mothers.


To sum up, if you’re allergic to aspirin, or shellfish, or are an expectant or nursing mother, keep on the safe side and please don’t take Full Motion.

who is Full Motion good for?…

  • tennis and other racquet sports players (tennis elbow)
  • golfers (hands and shoulders)
  • joggers, runners (knees, hips, spine)
  • people working with their hands (computer-users, dental surgeons, medical surgeons, musicians,… )
  • arthritis sufferers
  • older people (joint aches, pains, and stiffness)

want to read more about Full Motion?…

Apart from the write-up in the GNLD Product Guide, here are three interesting articles. They’re in pdf. format, so you can read them now, or download them for future reference if you want…

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Full Motion works even better when you combine it with the joint benefits of GNLD’s Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus.

There’s more about that unique product in this post.

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