GNLD Science: SAB and HPC

Members of GNLD's worldwide Health Professionals Council

World Firsts…

GNLD has been at the forefront of nutritional supplementation and product development since 1958. The company has innovated over 30 World Firsts, and holds numerous world patents.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Licence…

In addition, even though it is not (yet) required by law for manufacturers of health supplements, GNLD has voluntarily subjected itself to the scrutiny of the FDA, and maintains a pharmaceutical manufacturing licence.

The stringent requirements of keeping the licence are the same exacting standards that makers of medicines have to undergo, so you can be sure every product from GNLD is made to the very highest quality.

Scientific Advisory Board…

The development of every GNLD product is guided by a unique group of dedicated nutritionists, biochemists, and food scientists, who form the GNLD Scientific Advisory Board (SAB for short).

The SAB has developed over the last 52 years into a worldwide network of leading scientists and research facilities, all dedicated to delivering the finest, safest, most effective products.

Every GNLD product is only released to the market after full approval of the SAB, and each product carries the SAB Seal.

Seal of GNLD's Scientific Advisory Board

The Seal is not an adornment; it’s a multi-faceted guarantee that…

  • only the finest, carefully-screened ingredients have been used to make the product
  • the product is contaminant-free, and pure
  • the contents written on the label are actually in the product, and in the stated quantities
  • there’s nothing in the product that’s not on the label
  • the product maintains its potency for the whole of the shelf life printed on the container
  • 100% money-back quality guarantee

You can trust GNLD.

Global Science Network…

GNLD’s scientific professionals collaborate with scientific colleagues in various universities around the world, forming the Global Science Network (GSN).

The collaboration of specialist minds ensures GNLD is always at the forefront of the latest thoughts, developments, and areas of research in human biochemistry, nutrition, and related health fields.

Health Professionals Council…

Logo of GNLD's worldwide Health Professionals Council

Members of GNLD’s worldwide Health Professionals Council are enlightened, forward-thinking medical doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, and natural health practitioners, who see the need for nutritional supplementation for health protection and disease prevention.

Their combined knowledge and skills contribute to GNLD’s commitment to lead from the front.

Want to know more?…

Get to know each member of the elite groups – the SAB, and the HPC – by following these steps…


> go to

> in the left-hand column, click Products

> click Science

> click on individual SAB members’ photos to read their bio


> click on the link to the HPC in the right-hand column of the Science page, described above.

> guide your cursor over the individual HPC members’ photos on the world map to read interesting info about each member.

You really can trust GNLD.