GR2 Weight Control

GNLD's GR2 weight control programme is a very effective way of reducing your waistline... and keeping it slim.

GNLD’s GR2 weight control programme is a very effective way of reducing your waistline… and keeping it slim.

Only after years of intensive research and clinical trials with eager human volunteers to prove the programme works, did GNLD finally launch their amazing GR2 weight control programme.

The programme is very successful around the world, helping people not only reduce the size of their waists, but also bringing considerable health improvements to those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis.

The GR2 concept…

The programme is based on controlling your blood sugar levels throughout the day, so they don’t yo-yo up and down.

That’s important because…

* when your blood sugar is high, your body stores fat

* when your blood sugar is too low, you feel tired, and you crave sweet snacks and drinks to give yourself an energy boost

The idea is to keep your blood sugar within a range that…

* doesn’t send ‘store fat’ signals

* keeps you feeling vibrant and energised

* doesn’t produce cravings for calorie-laden snacks

A day with GR2…

In order to get your size down to where you want it to be, it’s imperative to keep your blood sugar stable, so you don’t trigger unwanted ‘store fat’ signals.

It’s easy to do… just choose the foods that don’t put your sugar levels in a spin… and eat five smaller meals a day, so your energy levels are nicely balanced throughout the day.

Your GR2 meal programme looks like this…

* breakfast: GR2 Meal Replacement Shake (available in chocolate dream or vanilla whisper flavours)

* mid-morning: mini meal chosen from the Success Guide

* lunch: GR2 Meal Replacement Shake

* mid-afternoon: mini meal chosen from the Success Guide

* dinner: chosen from the main meal suggestions in the Success Guide

Of course, you can ‘mix ‘n match’ to suit yourself. For example, you may prefer to swap the lunch and dinner meals around, so you have your shake in the evening and a bigger lunch.

Before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you take…

* 2 Appetite Reducer tablets and

* 1 Thermogenic Enhancer, with a large glass of water.

Their names tell you what the tablets do…

The appetite reducer helps you feel full with less food.

And the other one enhances your thermogenesis… meaning enhances your fat-burning capabilities, which helps you burn up the fat you don’t want.

Your guarantee…

The tablets are special combinations of herbs known for their effectiveness.

Don’t worry: unlike many other products on the market, GNLD guarantees they don’t have any stimulants or funny stuff in them.

In December 2008/January 2009, the United States Food and Drug Administration banned over 60 weight-loss products and ordered them withdrawn from sale, so GNLD’s guarantee of purity is very important to you.

And it’s happened in South Africa, as well. Apart from not containing exactly what was on the ingredients list, the preparations were found to contain ingredients that weren’t disclosed on the labels at all. And they weren’t just talking about a bit of extra filler. Some of the hidden ingredients were potent drugs, put in the preparations because they had appetite-suppressing side-effects.

GNLD guarantees their products only contain what’s on the labels. And even more important, especially for weight control products nowadays, GNLD guarantees there’s nothing in the product that’s not on the label.

In addition to the 5 meals…

If you don’t already, you’ll need to drink 8 glasses of fresh water every day.

And do some daily exercise. You don’t have to join a Fitness Centre, though. Here are a few no-cost ways to get you moving…

* a brisk walk round your garden in the fresh air

* get the bike out of the back of the garage and go for a ride on it

* park the car away from the front door of the shopping mall and walk to the entrance

* climb the stairs instead of riding the elevator or escalator

What does the GR2 programme look like?…

The programme is available in a very handy zip bag, so you can conveniently stay with the programme while you’re at work. I cropped this section from GNLD’s website photo, so you can get an idea of the pack…

GNLD GR2 Weight Control convenient intro pack

In South Africa, the pack comes in a good quality, insulated, soft carry-case containing…

* 2 x 510gm tins of Meal Replacement Protein Shakes (with vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, enzymes, a little ‘good’ fat, and a little carbohydrate) in vanilla whisper or chocolate dream flavour, or one of each flavours

* 1 x pack Thermogenic Enhancer tablets (to encourage fat burning)

* 1 x pack Appetite Reducer tablets (to help you feel full with smaller meals)

* 1 x health drink shaker (to mix the meal replacement shakes)

* 2 x single-serving containers (take your mini meals in them to the office)

* 1 x tape measure (it’s more effective to measure your waist, rather than your weight. There’s an explanation below.)

* 1 x GR2 Mindtalk audio tape (lots of helpful and encouraging info)

* 1 x Weight Tracker booklet (helps you keep track of your progress)

* 1 x Enjoy & Avoid booklet (lists healthy food choices to lose weight. Slips into the pocket or handbag so you can discretely make good choices in a restaurant, or when shopping)

* 1 x Success Guide (tips for delicious weight-loss main meals and mini-meals)

There’s enough of the Thermogenic Enhancer and Appetite Reducer to last for 14 days. So after a fortnight you’ll need to order some more.

The two tubs of Meal Replacement Protein Shake will last 14 days each, enough for 28 days in all.

Why keep off the scales?…

Many weight loss courses are obsessed with losing kilograms. That sounds a statement of the obvious, I know. But the emphasis is mis-placed.

On those sort of programmes, you lose a lot of weighty water first. Followed by muscle. And lastly, fat.

Muscle is heavy stuff… heavier than fat… so the reading on the bathroom scales goes down fairly fast… and you feel pleased with yourself. Then it sort of flattens out, and disappointingly, only slowly decreases after that.

As soon as you come off the diet, the fat starts to accumulate again, and you end up with a worse fat-to-protein ratio (body mass index, BMI) than you had before you started the diet.

In the GR2 pack, there’s a tape measure. That’s what you use to check your progress… not the bathroom scales.

With GNLD GR2 Weight Control Programme, your muscle-to-fat ratio improves. You lose fat, but you keep your muscles, and improve their tone. That way, you end up with a slimmer, taughter body, looking fabulous in your new clothes.

Read all about it…

You can read all about the weight control programme, as well as some inspiring success stories, at GNLD’s dedicated website

And our copy of the GNLD Products Guide is available to read online, too. There’s lots of useful info about all the GNLD products, so scroll down the list of contents until you get to the GR2 Programme. Here’s the link to the product guide.

What does GR2 cost?...

You’ll find the cost of the complete intro pack, as well as the individual items of the programme, on GNLD’s current price list. On the price list page, please scroll down until you reach the GR2 section… GNLD retail price list.

To order the programme…

Before you order, please note that this is a programme designed to help you take control of your eating and drinking, so that you reach… and maintain… the size you want.

To be successful, you’re going to have to make changes, and do things differently. If you prefer to carry on eating and drinking whatever you feel like, the programme won’t work for you… so don’t waste your money.

Ready to go for it, and stick with it? Well done!

Read through the info about the programme on this website, the price list, GNLD’s dedicated website… decide to get in shape for the summer (and autumn, winter, and spring, too!)… then choose the ordering option that suits you best on our ordering page.